Distillery Kolín

The commencements of distillery in Kolín are dated back till 1856 year when a factory for the production of ethanol and potash has been built by the founders – a Silesian capitalists association.

Later in 1871 year, the construction of the new distillery had begun and the production has started yet in February 1872. Since this time the distillery passed through many consecutive changes and modernization of production. The tradition of fermentation spirits production is in existence more than 140 years already. Fermented spirits are produced in this company continuously since the year 1872.

The company has invested in the modernization and automation of technology units recently. BIOFERM – lihovar Kolín, a.s. is distillery that engages in a production of all kinds of fermentation spirits. During the distillation process there is also produced a by-product, which are concentrated molasses stillage. The distillery processes 35,000 – 40,000 tons of molasses as a basic raw material annually. The total daily volume of distillation is 1,200 hectoliters of all kinds of fermentation ethanol.
BIOFERM – lihovar Kolín, a.s. distillery ranks to the largest Czech producers of alcohol in the long term.

The fermented spirits are supplied to more than 300 customers in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. The biggest customers are major manufacturers of spirits, manufacturers of complementary foods, pharmaceutical industry, health service and other industries.

Molasses stillage is sold as fertilizer to Czech and German agricultural companies, to biogas stations, and as feed, too.

lihovar Kolín historická fotka
Lihovar Kolín - BIOFERM
Lihovar Kolín - BIOFERM